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"I recently had the pleasure of working with Sam where he delivered a presentation on working in an elite environment - it was excellent. Not only is Sam extremely knowledgeable about his sport but he clearly understands what is required to perform and succeed at the highest level. It is obvious to me why he is a World Champion"

Steve Eaton MBE
Performance Development Coach

"For a 23 year old, Sam displays maturity well ahead of his years. He delivered a comprehensive and enlightening account of his successful quest to become World Sailing Champion. As an elite sportsman, he spoke candidly of his approach to making the difficult personal decision to miss the London Olympics. On this evidence, his facilitation and presentation skills are on a par with his sailing ability and I was left in no doubt that I must follow with interest, his progress ahead of Rio 2016"

Andy Halliday
Team GB Mens Hockey Team Manager

"Sam is an accomplished speaker.  His honesty and modesty, underpinned very subtlety by the determination you would expect from a World Champion, brings many contributory issues around high performance to life.  I have had no hesitation in inviting Sam to join me in speaking at conferences to a variety of audiences that have including sports coaches, doctors, teachers and business executives"

Andy McCann
Mental Skills Coach

"Sam is a very impressive young man and is becoming a very fluid and professional presenter. His story of becoming a world champion is quite inspirational and I think could be a great motivator for any potential sportsman or professional"

Dr Mark Stacey
University of Wales Hospital

"I know Sam as a result of working with him during the ‘Walking the Tightrope’ Seminars on Elite Performance and Leadership from 2011 to present and various contacts as a result of my work in Sports Leadership. Sam gave a talk/presentation on elite performance that was for a person of his age impressive, passionate, articulate and intellectually based. Then once you hear the story of his life experience, training ethos, accomplishments and passion, you will understand why he is so impressive. Sam stood out throughout the programme of talks and since this point, with an excellent skill in motivating individuals, groups and large audiences, by questioning and spiking curiosity in people allowing him to communicate intricate and complex arguments with ease. This coupled with an innate empathy for team relations, high performance expectations, a well-informed stance in leadership and ability to motivate others with ease all adds to an impressive work ethic and an individual rarely found. Sam as an academic, sports athlete, coach, leader, is a delight. He has well developed analytical abilities, technical knowledge, self-confidence and an incredible self-discipline when in comes to academic study, performance and life in general. Expect only the best when you engage with Sam, and it is a pleasure not only to work with him but know him as a person"

Dr Paul Thomas
BBC Business Doctor

"Thought you were a fantastic coach who taught me new helpful techniques in one weekend, which I had never heard of in 7 years of sailing! I am looking forward to the next chance to train with you again."

Nick Sutton
Cadet National Champion

“I would also like to say thank you for your hard work when you were with us. You gave us lots to think about, giving us (AND ME) a new slant on how to look at our sailing. I hope that we will be able to work together again."


Michael McNamara
Cadet National Squad Coach

“Sam introduced different physical aspects and thought processes to my race preparation that I had never used before. The results of which had a big impact on my race craft, and helped directly with my achievement of becoming Inland National Champion."


Alex Corby
Cadet Inland National Champion 2012

“Well done on your speaking today! You were amazing”


Georgina Jones
Director - Sing and Inspire

"I enjoyed the sportsmans talk the best as he has an exciting life but told us we still had to study hard"

"He helped me know about uni and if i wanted to go what i need to do, like do well in my english and maths"

Kingsbury School Pupils

"It was excellent to have Sam's help at our school visit to UEL. He is able to speak clearly and confidently to young people and pitches what he says at the right level. It is inspirational for young peoiple to see how Sam dedicates himself to his sports and his studies. He gave the pupils a lot of good info about UEL and what schoalrships mean. He is an excellent role model and we would love for him to come and speak at more of our school visits to UEL."

Clare Summerson
University of East London
On The Road